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A simple Platform

The platform is easy to use, intuitive, and accessible, providing you with expert trading tools to boost your trading experience whether you’re at the office, at home or on the go using your tablet or smartphone. Trading is simply predicting whether the price of a chosen asset, such as currency or commodity, will go up or down within a predetermined time.

Binary Replicators

In a global world where the social networks are having a great effect on our daily decisions, we’ve created The Replicator – a tool that will allow you to enjoy the knowledge of the masses. This amazing tool allows you to replicate other successful trader’s activities and benefit from their experience & wisdom quickly and easily.

Mobile App Download

  • Open chat: At CTOption we offer 24/7 live support on our website. A live chat with one of our financial advisors to help you with any query you may have regarding your trading account.
  • Advanced Trading tools: We offer our traders a variety of trading platforms, suitable for desktop & mobile — allowing you to trade anywhere anytime. Highly detailed and frequently updated statistic reports, you can track your trading with full confidence.
  • Education center: Comprehensive education center to help our traders master the financial market. All the needed tools a trader needs in order to trade profitably on our platform
  • Verified account: CTOption is required by law to verify all our client’s accounts in order to ensure the protection & safety of your funds, making sure that no other persons have access to your account. Identification is simple & quick by legal ID card & relevant documents.
  • 100% assets: At CTOption we provide our traders all they need to make their trading experience successful, offering more than100 individual assets to trade such as currencies, commodities, stocks and more.
  • Banking:  Fast & Secure transactions. Access your account to view your trading history, view your profits, deposits and withdraws.